Tri-umph Puppies/Upcoming Litters
We are very careful breeders and only have two or three litters a year, from quality animals who are not only fine representatives of the breed, usually champions or at least well on their way, but who have been screened for health problems such as hip dysplasia, and inherited eye problems such as PRA and PPMs. We do not breed for profit and do not view our puppies as merchandise, but rather breed to produce the soundest and healthiest corgis that conform to the standard. Because of this, I never have to advertise in the newspaper and always have a waiting list for my puppies before they are actually born.  People who are on the waiting list are kept informed of the progress of the upcoming litter and have an open invitation to visit us at our farm in Brookshire, Texas, west of Houston, and meet our corgi family.

We DO NOT produce any puppies that could become affected by Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). At least one parent in every litter we produce will be a DM Clear by DNA test; all puppies will be DM Clear or Carrier, and unable to go down with DM. For more information on DM go to

After the puppies are born, they are raised in our house with lots of love and stimulation, to make the most of their personalities and intelligence as they develop. At four weeks the pups begin playing in miniature tunnels made of PVC pipe and at five weeks, weather permitting, they start going outside for play periods. By six weeks they can use a dog door and begin house training, and by seven weeks are started walking on leash. The first evaluation between show quality possibles and companion dogs is made at eight weeks and continues until twelve weeks or beyond. All companion quality pups are sold with a neutering agreement. All show pups are co-owned if the individual has never shown a dog before.

All pups are sold with a health guarantee and must be returned to us if the pup can not be kept, not resold, placed, or put in a shelter. It is very important to us to know whom our pups are living with as they are "our family" forever!

I hope this gives you some idea of the care and thoughtfulness that goes into each litter that carries our Tri-umph prefix. If you would like to get on the waiting list, please reply by e-mail, sending a detailed history of your experience in dogs and your current living situation (house or apartment, fenced or unfenced yard, etc.).

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